Live. Work. Play.

Diners at Cafe Borrone

We are a group of residents who are excited to imagine a vibrant future for Menlo Park. A future where we can live, work, and play in our own city. We imagine a Menlo Park with more options for our families to gather together and for us to meet for coffee or drinks with our friends; with more options for our young singles to live near jobs and nightlife and for our seniors to live near shops and services; with more opportunities for us to seek employment close to home and with more options for where we can live. 

We imagine a Menlo Park that is livable, workable, sustainable, and beautiful.

We recognize that all progress brings challenges with it. We also know that we are in the heart of Silicon Valley and blessed with tremendous resources. We believe that we can build a better functioning, inviting, well-designed, and inclusive Menlo Park by seeking change and finding solutions to these challenges.

The great news is that for our downtown, on Santa Cruz and on El Camino Real, the community has laid out a specific plan with countless opportunities to make this area even more exciting and appealing.

For the bayfront near the Belle Haven neighborhood, the city's recent update to its general plan will make this area a walkable, complete community that can be a “second” downtown for Menlo Park – a destination attractive to the nearby residents, office workers, and the rest of Menlo Park.

We invite you to join us as we engage with the City Council and city staff to make these visions a reality.

If you also imagine a better future for Menlo Park, join us!




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